Apply & FAQ

Q#1 How do I apply?

Q#2 Who can participate?

Students in their 3rd year of Bachelor studies or any year of Master studies with good English knowledge who are residents and live during the “local final” in Indonesia.

Q#3 How many steps should I pass to be a participant?

P&G Indonesia CEO Challenge 2017 has 3 steps.

STEP 1 - Application

To register, you should click “Apply” to start your application process. You would be transferred to the selection portal to complete your application. When your application is approved you will be prompted to take the first step of P&G selection process which is the online assessment.

If you successfully pass the online assessment, you will be invited to the next step of the selection process – the Reasoning Test in our P&G Senayan office. If you fail one or both elements of the online assessment, your application will be unsuccessful and you will NOT be able to retake P&G online assessment within one year of the date of the failed assessment.

STEP 2 – Reasoning Test

Those candidates who successfully passed the online assessment will be invited to take part in reasoning test. The results of this test provide us with information on your reasoning skills - information that is difficult to assess from resumes, application forms, or interviews alone.

STEP 3 – Interview

If you pass the Reasoning Test, you will be invited to interview stage. We use a combination of behavioral-based and situational interviews to get to know you – the real you.

Q#4 For how long will the Indonesia round take? What about the Asia round?

Indonesia round will takes 4 full days, and Asia round will takes 2 full days, between 8-10 hours in each of the days.

Q#5 When is the event date?

  • Indonesia Round : 30 October – 2 November 2017 , Jakarta Headquarter.
  • Asia Round : 13 & 14 November 2017 , Singapore Headquarter.

Q#6 If I fail one of the assessment steps, can I still apply to P&G positions?

If you fail P&G Online Assessment, Reasoning Test or one of the interviews during the competition, you will not be able to retake these steps within 12 month of the date of assessment.

Q#7 Can I get an Internship/Full Time Employment at P&G as a result of P&G CEO Challenge?

Yes! One of the goals of the competition for us is to select some of the best students in Indonesia to take part in our internship program. You will be asked to specify your department of interest during the application phase, so, read about those beforehand on Assessment during the competition will allow us to make a decision regarding each participant and offer some of you an internship in your department of interest as a result. Please note, that NOT all Indonesia Round and even Asia Round participants will be offered an internship because we will be considering all assessment criteria (e.g. interviews during and after the events). However, if you perform well during the online stages and during the face-to-face events, it will definitely be taken into account when making the final decision.